A High Quality Digital Film Prepress Company

Passionate about providing great service and high-quality film output for today’s graphic industries.

Doing what we do best

Serving printers, graphic designers, silkscreeners, electronic firms, letterpress shops, and a diverse group of industries throughout the United States, who are looking for high-quality digital film output for digital color separations (Not Inkjet). Let our expert team give your digital file the skillful attention to detail required for exceptional results!


Depend on us for all your Negatives and Positives for your graphics needs. All our films are generated on Agfa Accusets and Avantra 44 imagesetter to ensure quality imaged films at 2400 dpi. Sizes range from
8.5″ x 11” to 35.5” x 44” image area.

Screen Printing

Emulsion up film positives with high density and hard dots.

Offset Printing and Letterpress

Negative emulsion down for offset or emulsion up for your letterpress photo-polymer plates.

Pad Printing

We can image quality film positives emulsion down for you pad printing needs.


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